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Obesity is a medical condition and cannot be controlled with will power alone. Despite the millions of people living with obesity, this disease gets overlooked by regular medical providers and insurance does not cover treatment for most. They focus on conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes that result from obesity and lifestyle choices. Low testosterone in men and women is another condition caused by obesity that often gets overlooked and undertreated. People with obesity are met with prejudice, lack of compassion and discrimination. This can result in depression and treatment with antidepressant medications that cause more weight gain.  Here we focus on lifestyle changes and medication management to control your weight and reduce or eliminate other chronic conditions. We understand your condition and we know that it takes more than just will power to lose weight.

Medication Options

We offer many different treatments for weight loss. We will find the best option for you!

Below we will outline these weight loss treatment options and their benefits.

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SEMAGLUTIDE (generic Wegovy and Ozempic)

The medication cost includes the provider consultation, supplies and overnight shipping to you.

Semaglutide is a medication that was recently FDA approved under the brand name Wegovy.  It is a once-weekly injectable medication used to control appetite.

This medication belongs to a class of medications called GLP-1. It was originally intended for patients with type II diabetes and performed well at reducing blood sugar. When patients began losing weight, Novo Nordisk started FDA trials and it was FDA approved for weight loss in 2021

Semaglutide works on our brain and stomach by mimicking a signal that makes us feel full. Food is kept in the stomach longer than usual to keep you full longer. Our patients tell us they no longer crave the unhealthy foods that made them overweight.

Most of our patients experience appetite suppression within a couple of days of starting semaglutide. Most patients will lose weight in the first week while only on a very small dose. The small dose is intended to gently introduce the medication into the body to avoid any side effects.

The dose increase is typically every 2-4 weeks depending on your tolerance to the medication. We take an individualized approach to every patient when deciding the dose. The dose is increased gradually while maintaining appetite suppression and minimizing any side effects.

Our patients typically see results in the first week. A variety of factors such as the BMI at the start of therapy, adherence to diet recommendations, the type and amount of exercise will affect the results.  Some of our very motivated patients have seen a weight loss of 30 pounds in their first month.

In the STEP 1 study of semaglutide for weight loss the average reduction was 14.9% of the initial body weight over 68 weeks. The amount of weight loss is variable and depends on the level of commitment to the lifestyle changes. We have patients that safely lost 40% of their initial body weight over a 10-month period.


(Generic Mounjaro) Compounded WITH B12 (cyanocobalamin)

  • Most patients can stay on the lower dose and lose plenty of weight. 
  • Includes B12 so you only inject one time weekly!
  • More effective than Semaglutide. Tirzepatide targets multiple areas resulting in more effectiveness.

* This is the average per client. Price is determined by dosage.

Month to month subscription, no office visits
The medication cost includes the provider consultation, supplies and overnight shipping to you.

PHENTERMINE and other Oral Weight Loss Medications

The medication cost includes the provider consultation, supplies and overnight shipping to you.

Can be combined with other weight loss products into one pill.


The medication cost includes the provider consultation, supplies and overnight shipping to you.

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